Are Labor Unions Preparing to Dump Obama and the Dems?


The union gave $300,000 to the Republican Governors Association,

Maximum Wages and Union Politics


This story is about a labor leader I once met whom I did understand. This fellow was named Herr Eichhorn and he’d become dictator in a town in Germany named Dusseldorf. There’d been an uprising and the Bolsheviks captured the town. Eichhorn had been a street car conductor and now he found himself in the […]

Union Claims “Right-to-Work” Violates Laws Against Slavery


If “Right to Work” is slavery then so is any form of compulsory unionization.

Minimum Wage Madness


The surest way to harm low-wage and minority workers.

California Supreme Court Claims Unions Have Special Right to “Invade Private Property”


Other demonstrators have no free speech rights to gather in front of a store’s privately owned entrance. But California “may single out labor-related speech for particular protection or regulation” as an exercise in the economic regulation of labor relations without running afoul of the U.S. Constitution, Kennard wrote.

California’s Choice: Bigger Worker Paychecks or Bigger Union Coffers?


Will the crucial Proposition 32 initiative be approved this November by Golden State voters?

Che Guevara to Get a Monument in Ireland


Union-controlled city honors union destroyer and mass murderer.

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South Carolina Fight Against the NLRB Continues


The state’s war with the agency is far from over.

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Union Gangsters: Heather Booth


Obama mentor who longed to violently “wipe out” those who stood in the way of the socialist Utopia.

Italy on the Brink


Will a debt crisis force Italy to go the way of Greece?

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