Obama’s Amnesty: An Attack on the Poor

Workers in Clewiston, Florida

Why the victims of immigration “reform” will be minorities and the economically vulnerable.

Mallory Factor Exposes Big Labor’s War on America

Mallory Factor color photo

Conservative warrior explains how union shadow bosses can be stopped at the Freedom Center’s West Coast Retreat.

State TV in Norway: Paying to Be Propagandized


The shameless lies of Norwegian public broadcasting.

A Bad Year for Big Labor

Obama - Union SEIU Protest - Los Angeles,  May Day 2011

But the storm troopers of the Left haven’t given up yet.

Tim Scott: A Warrior for Worker Rights in the Senate


Why Big Labor fears South Carolina’s newest senator.

Union Violence and Mob Mayhem in Michigan


Conservative victory over an unprecedented Big Labor power-grab.

End Times for Michigan’s Big Labor Racket


A sign of hope for the beleaguered Wolverine State?

Internet Hate and Double Standards


The Norwegian Left’s perverted world of respectable standards.

The Man Behind the Nobel Prize


What might explain the laughable selections of Barack Obama and the European Union.

Romney’s Missed Opportunity


Time to prove he’s an advocate for American business.

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