Larry Elder Confronts Race and the Fatherhood Crisis in America


Keynote speaker at the Freedom Center’s 2013 West Coast Retreat calls out the Left’s destruction of the black community.

The Real Face of Gun Violence — on The Glazov Gang


Don’t miss this special episode of The Glazov Gang in which Larry Elder, a New York Times best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio talk show host, and Dwight Schultz, a Hollywood actor who played Murdock on NBC’s The-A-Team, discuss The Real Face of Gun Violence in America. The discussion was founded on Larry’s new riveting […]

The Real Face of Gun Violence — on The Glazov Gang


Larry Elder and Dwight Schultz discuss Larry’s new memoir that unveils the #1 social problem in America.

Dear Father, Dear Son: Two Lives…Eight Hours


Larry Elder discusses his new new book about his dad that will touch your heart in unexpected places.

A Little Hardball With Chris Matthews About John Kennedy


Why exactly do leftists fawn over Kennedy?

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Enough With This “Epistemic Closure” Crap

Should reporters who believe that most of America is stupid and insane be in the journalism business? Let’s consider the question.
Take left-wing journalist Marc Ambinder of the Atlantic. He’s not bad at his job. His insights are often worthwhile and occasionally wise. Yet Ambinder sometimes writes things so foolish that one might expect to read them at [...]

Larry King Owes an Apology to Larry Elder

Last week, on Wednesday September 16, something happened on the Larry King show that has been bugging me so much that I have, nine days later, decided to write about it.
King was harassing Larry Elder, libertarian commentator and best-selling author, about racism, implying that he (King) was upset about it and Elder somehow wasn’t. This [...]