Obama to Latinos: Dump Your Cell Phone and Cable to Pay for Health Insurance


“Is the Affordable Care Act really affordable?” the moderator asked.

Abortion Barbie Shockingly Not Popular with Texas Latino Voters


Davis was beaten in 26 counties with strong populations of Hispanic-Americans

The Romney “Latino Vote” Self-Deportation Myth


The Democrats successfully organized low information voters who wouldn’t ordinarily have voted and turned them into a bigger chunk of the Latino electorate.

Do Anti-Immigration Republicans Get More Latino Votes Than Pro-Immigration Republicans?


Strong Republican candidates tend to perform better among Latinos. Weak ones perform badly regardless of immigration. In this, Latino votes follow those of most Americans.

Winning the Latino Vote by “Evolving” on Global Warming


“It’s quite possible that after this big ticket item of immigration is addressed, [the GOP] will realize they have to go through the whole broad range of issues that are of concern to Latinos,” Sierra Club Legislative Director Melinda Pierce said.