The Muslim Suicide Convert


Why new followers gravitate toward jihad with such frequency.

UK Soldier Beheader Credits MSA Imam for Inspiring Him

Khalid Yasin's magnificent beard is the only thing standing between him and raging homosexuality

The Muslim Students Association’s favorite Imam Khalid Yasin

Devout Muslim Killer of UK Soldier Also Drugged and Raped 14-Year-Old


‘I have looked in his eyes and seen the evil inside him,’

Beheader of British Soldier Converts to Islam a Second Time in Prison


“He said that he didn’t believe in the Koran and had reverted to being a Christian.”

Terrorist Mosque Attended by Muslim Murderers Claims It Is the Real Victim


He was using the premises to show children videos of 9/11, chanting “Allah is great”.

Muslim London Beheader Loves Al Qaeda, Calls Them “Brothers in Islam”

Britain Attack

“I will never regret obeying the command of Allah.”

Jihadist Murder MO


The Islamic symbolism behind the horrific killing of Britian’s Lee Rigby.

Woman who Helped UK Soldier Murdered by Muslims, Targeted by Muslims and Police


No good deed goes unpunished in Eurabia and Londonistan.

The Islamist Wind in Britain


An epidemic of street attacks on soldiers leaves many wondering what the media is hiding.