Good Riddance to Letterman


A lefty sycophant limos off into the sunset.

Two Conservative Jewish Women are Driving the Left Insane


Both have challenged the Left’s inversion of language.

Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry


Colin Flaherty’s new book exposes black victimization and how we enable it.

Israel’s Peace Fantasists in Action

Barack Obama, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud,

What the Arab states’ snub of Obama tells us about the direction Israel must take.

Baltimore and the Betrayal of Black Dignity


The real losers in the Freddie Gray riots.

Racism Is at the Root of Baltimore’s Riots

freddie gray

The only way to end the violence is to end black racism.

A Malignant Cause


A genocidal movement and its campus allies unveiled in Vol. 4 of the Black Book of the American Left.

Stand Up for Baltimore’s Real Victims


We should sympathize with victims, not criminals.

Republican Senators and the Battered Wife Syndrome


What the confirmation of Loretta Lynch really means.

Actors Quit a Ferguson Play That Doesn’t Blame Wilson


If it doesn’t fit (the narrative), you must quit.