Lying Liberal Liars

Barack Obama

How Obama’s lie proves liberals can’t be trusted.

Arne Duncan’s War on Women and Children


“White suburban moms” fight back.

The War on Achievement


Why celebrating self-reliant heroes shatters the Left’s ideological vision of the world.

Brown University Retreats From Free Speech


The leftist Gestapo’s choke-hold on intellectual diversity on full display.

The Midas Touch and the Leftist Touch


The inherent similarity they both share.

If You Want a Conservative Child


How to make sure the right values endure into adulthood.

The Global Warming God Strikes Again


Who’s to blame for Typhoon Haiyan? You are!

Legal Support for Terrorism at the University of Haifa

haifa university

The alleged crusaders of “human rights” show their true colors.

ObamaCare’s Bros and Hos


The new lows of the president’s degrading propaganda.

Power Struggle in Guatemala

Pro Rios Montt Protest

The Obama administration’s destructive role.