Saving Islam from Its Victims

Bruce Bawer is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center and the author of “While Europe Slept” and “Surrender.” His book "The Victims' Revolution: The Rise of Identity Studies and the Closing of the Liberal Mind" is just out from Broadside / Harper Collins.


Lila Abu-Lughod doesn’t want you to care about the oppression of Muslim women.

Israeli Prof. Denied Honorary Degree for Being too ‘Right-Wing’

Steven Plaut is a native Philadelphian who teaches business finance and economics at the University of Haifa in Israel.  He holds a PhD in economics from Princeton.  He is author of the David Horowitz Freedom Center booklets about the Hamas  and Jewish Enablers of the War against Israel.


Ardent Zionist and Nobel Prize winner learns leftist free speech hypocrisy firsthand.

A Witness


A conservative appreciation of David Horowitz.

The Guilt of Israeli Scholars

Richard L. Cravatts, PhD, is the author of "Genocidal Liberalism: The University’s Jihad Against Israel & Jews" (a David Horowitz Freedom Center publication) and President of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East.


The accusations which aren’t made against any other academics from any other country.

The Left Versus the Realities of Race


From slavery to “the knock out game,” the Left substitutes ideological fictions for reality.

Conservative Daily Caller Banned from MLA Convention


But the academic organization opens its arms to the Marxist “Red Wedge.”

Tamera Mowry Is Not Alone


When it comes to conservatives, leftists don’t hold back their hatred of interracial relationships.

No Country for Liberal Republicans

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.


Chris Christie learns the hard way: To the Left, there is no such thing as a good Republican.

Ariel Sharon: Larger Than Life

Caroline Glick is the Director of the David Horowitz Freedom Center's Israel Security Project and the Senior Contributing Editor of The Jerusalem Post. For more information on Ms. Glick's work, visit


A titan whose career reflected the growth and development of his nation.

Dennis Rodman and Other Stalinist Fellow Travelers

Lloyd Billingsley is the author of Exceptional Depravity, a new crime book, and Hollywood Party: Stalinist Adventures in the American Movie Industry. He has written for City Journal California, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal and many other publications.


An ugly American tradition.