Boston and the Infantilism of Jihad Denial


Diagnosing the psychology behind the deadly refusal to accept reality.

It’s Time To Do Something About Knives

knife control

The people who blame knives also deserve a vote.

My Thoughts On Boston


The root cause of this bombing and the Jihad itself is a religious fanaticism within Islam.

The New York Times vs. David Mamet


The Times sets out to destroy one of America’s most important artists for his thought crimes.

Illusions About Why Muslim Brothers Kill


Brace yourselves for the Left’s suicidal narrative about why Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev murdered the unbelievers.

America’s Empty Slogan: ‘See Something, Say Something’


With leftist thought-police on patrol, who would dare?

Bad Company


Redford’s new movie glamorizes the Weathermen.

Margaret Thatcher’s Passing and the Hateful Spirit of the Left


The morbid legacy of Marx and Lenin.

Swedish Left Reluctantly Drops Israel-Hating Party Leader


But no apologies from the man who called for the bombing of the Jewish State.

Rachel Maddow’s Brain Numbing Attack on David Horowitz


Read the books, Rachel, before you blow another gasket about them.