9 Phony Martyrs of the Left


The progressive school of falsification.

AWOL: Golfer-in-Chief


Always there when you don’t need him, never there when you do.

“A Culture of Cowards”

Lars Hedegaard

Stifling the news about the murder attempt on Lars Hedegaard.

Black Skin Privilege and the American Dream


David Horowitz and John Perazzo expose readers to the most inconvenient truths about racial favoritism in their new pamphlet.

What the Left Does Not Understand About Islam

Picture 16

Inside the doomed unholy alliance.

Dorner, Folk Hero of the Left


Nobody loves cop killers more than left-wingers do.

War on Everything but Islamic Terror


Who has the time to fight jihad when there’s a battle against salt to wage?

A Day in the Tortured Life of Christians in the Middle East


How the Left aids and abets Islam’s war on the Church.

Minority Students in Chicago: Hostages of the Democratic Party

Chicago Teachers Go On Strike For First Time In 25 Years

Oppressive Democrat-union alliance leaves few options for the youth of the Windy City.

Brainwashing Kids About Guns


How the Left is undermining support for the Second Amendment in k-12 public education.