Soros and Hillary Take on America


Anti-American financier pumps cash into the war chest of his chosen Obama successor.

Liberal Academia and My Struggle for Survival

Photo - college student in a classroom

A daring effort to inject balance into the leftist curricula.

Spies in the Classroom: CAIR vs. Campus Watch


Who are the real “spies” in Middle East studies?

Universities to Students: No ‘Offensive’ Halloween Costumes


Beware the PC horrors of cowboy, Indian and geisha get-ups.

The Western Left’s Fatwa Against Muslim Liberals


Karima Bennoune delivers a stunning telegram to progressives about their betrayal of the Arab Left.

Loving and Hating America


How do detractors of the “Great Satan” explain why so many people want to live here?

Liberalism’s War on Women


Filner and the Democratic Party escape justice once again.

Meanwhile, on Al Jazeera America …


The unholy alliance’s preferred cable news network.

Barack Obama and the Bad Ideas of Progressivism


What lies behind a president’s serial gross incompetence.

Obama’s Secret Collaboration with ACORN Bosses


How the president is turning U.S. housing policy over to the rebranded radical agitation group.