No $$$ for Military Health Care, but $31,000 Available for Leon Panetta Portrait


Unlike so many NEA commissions, it can’t be made out of elephant dung or out of chocolate by Karen Finley

Obama Inc, Panetta Leaks Doomed Pakistani Doc Who Helped Find Bin Laden


I look forward to Leon Panetta getting the FOX/James Rosen treatment, but we all know that’s not going to happen.

The Diversity Cult’s Attack on the Military


The Center for Military Readiness reveals the destructive agenda behind putting women in combat.

Best National Security Administration Ever Has No Idea Where Syrian WMD’s Are


I think George W. Bush is still waiting for his official apology.

Panetta Gives China Tips on How to Cripple America

Critics have said Panetta’s attempt to cooperate with China on cyber warfare through dialogue is risky, since China likely would use such cooperation to learn key strategic vulnerabilities of U.S. cyber security that could be exploited in a future conflict.

Persecuting a SEAL for Taking Away Obama’s Bin Laden Credit


Great American Hero and renowned warrior Leon Panetta, decorated twice for valor in the battle of Sugar Doughnut Hill, has called for punishing a retired Navy SEAL for taking away credit for the time that Obama parachuted into Pakistan and disposed of Bin Laden with a lecture on tolerance.

Hillary Blames Israel for Middle East Woes


Secretary of State’s latest trip to the Jewish State reveals old habits die hard for the Obama administration.

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Obama’s Alarming View on Who Wills the US Military


The ‘international community’ outranks the American Congress.

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Is Chatter about Attack on Iran Dangerous for Israel?


Could the Islamic Republic use threats as an excuse to strike first?

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Obama’s Anti-Israel Sell-Out Continues


How to spoil a secret.

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