Racial Income Inequality Worse in Liberal Cities


Minneapolis-St. Paul. San Francisco. Chicago. Even Madison, Wisconsin.

Crazy Salon Racist Rant: “How Did Irish-Americans Get So Disgusting”


This is what happens when you get your history from cereal boxes and Howard Zinn.

Multicultural Lessons in School Cause Racism

Pupils at King Edward V1 School Handsworth start their GCSE examination in Biology

Children aren’t born racist, the barrage of racial awareness, white privilege anti-racist and multicultural programming helps make them racist.

Liberals Want Obama to be an “Angry Black Man”


The liberal fetishization of black rage is a creepy thing and it is also inherently racist. Liberal commentators expect Obama’s anger to be racial rather than political, but they have not considered that Obama has nothing to be angry about.

Liberals (so-called) Are Racists, and Conservatives (who are not) Should Be Saying So


So-called liberals and progressives have re-introduced the segregationist idea that was thought to be buried with the Civil Rights Acts