Andrew Klavan: Republicans Are Smarter than Democrats —- and More Liberal Too!


A Truth Revolt video.

Bill Whittle: You’re Not A Liberal!

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 12.16.01 AM

A Truth Revolt video.

There Is No Conservative Case for Amnesty


The bipartisan effort to reshape America.

Detroit: How the Left Made Water More Expensive Than Cell Phones


Progressives’ cruel assault on the poor unmasked.

Illiberal ‘Liberalism’


Fred Siegel’s new book exposes the history of the Left’s hatred of ordinary Americans — and its commitment to tyranny.

The Paranoid Madness of the Democratic Party


The Democrat may no longer believe in God, but he believes in racism.

Glenn Greenwald: Raving Leftist


Democrat historian tries to put a conservative mask on a Marxist journalist.

Ronan Farrow Is MSNBC’s Newest Liberal Hypocrite

Today - Season 62

The new television host follows his debut by banning journalists from asking questions.

A Socialism Spill on Aisle 9


The minimum wage hike mess and the poor workers who will have to live with it.

ObamaCare’s Ruthless Assault on the Middle Class


And our health.