The Dilemma of the Jewish Leftist


Lessons from the murder of journalist Steven Sotloff.

What Google Evil and Liberal Evil Have in Common


This is important because it applies to liberalism as well.

What of America’s Future?

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 1.03.31 AM

Distinguished authors discuss the coming collapse of Big Government and how conservatives should respond.

Liberals Don’t Understand Reality


Liberals seem to have a pretty poor grasp of the difference between the real and the ideal.

When Fighting Liberal Messiahs, Hit Hard or Go Home

deblasio time2

Milquetoasts do not win elections

The Left’s War on Neoliberalism


The most acute intellectual disease of the 21st century.

Chicago Represents the Failure of Liberalism


The inner city represents the failure of a century of liberalism to reform and uplift. And once we get past the usual nods to racism, there’s nothing more to say about the reality of life there. Or at least nothing that the ideology responsible for the failures would like to discuss.

Liberalism Versus Blacks


50 years of failed ideology.

Presidential Debate Makes Election Alternatives Clear


The philosophical face-off America needs.

The Stupid Party


A hundred years of leftist intellectual bankruptcy.

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