A Liberal and Someone Else’s Money are Swiftly Parted


“For $44 billion a year, we could end world hunger completely.”

The Perfect Home for Liberals


Their own “Gated Community.”

Liberals vs Democrats on ObamaCare

obamacare supreme court-cropped-proto-custom_28

The Democrats are beginning to act like Republicans

The Western Left’s Fatwa Against Muslim Liberals


Karima Bennoune delivers a stunning telegram to progressives about their betrayal of the Arab Left.

Liberals Happy to Denounce Jihadists… as Long as They’re Republicans


We’ve heard more Democrats talk lately about Jihadists than after Nidal Hasan’s massacre

The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact with Hitler


A new book reveals how the film industry aided the Nazi dictator — and helps us understand why it self-censors itself today to protect Islamists.

Hollywood’s Nonsensical Hatred for Anthony Weiner


Bill Clinton, anyone?

It’s Time To Do Something About Knives

knife control

The people who blame knives also deserve a vote.

Why the Second Amendment


What the Founders really thought about the right to bear arms.

On Christmas, Liberals Are By No Means Liberal


What lies behind the mist of their lofty words.