How Iran Saved Obama’s “Blame America” Foreign Policy


Now that Iran and Al Qaeda are in charge, everything will be okay.

The Wages of Hillary’s War


Will Clinton be held accountable for the mounting body count in Libya?

The Mideast: A Preview of Christians’ Future


Shillman Fellow Raymond Ibrahim discusses why we should expect more slaughter with NRO.

Hillary Lied, Libyans Died


Hundreds just died because of Obama and Hillary’s illegal Libyan war.

Raymond Ibrahim on Christian Slaughter in Libya, Egypt’s Response, and Saudi’s Wall


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Christian Slaughter in Libya


The horrific beheading of 21 Copts and what it reveals about the growth of the Islamic State.

Killing Qaddafi: Hillary’s Secret Role


Hillary lied; innocent Libyans and Americans died.

How the West Destroyed Libya


Western leaders should be “judged at the Hague, for atrocities against humanity.”

Countries that Overthrew Gaddafi Say There’s No Military Solution to Terrorist Takeover of Libya


Sanction yourselves. Sanction yourselves extra hard.

ISIS: Obama’s ‘Al-Qaeda on the Run’

President Obama Makes Statement On The Sequestration

Al Qaeda isn’t on the run, Obama is.