The False Iraq-Crimea Analogy

on March 3, 2014 in Perevalne, Ukraine.

Who’s playbook is Putin really following?

John Kerry: Misguided Zealot


A review of the secretary of state’s history sheds light on his missteps today.

American Who Was “Libya’s Best Friend” Killed in Benghazi


The victim was jogging near the U.S. Consulate

Obama Inc. Wants Libyans to Come to US, Work in “Aviation Maintenance” and “Nuclear Fields”


I can’t think of a single possible thing that could go wrong with this plan.

Libyan Uranium Guarded by Terrified Ex-Human Trafficker


No action was taken to remove the uranium, which after processing could become weapons grade

CBS Finally Reports: Benghazi a Planned Attack


An eyewitness comes forward — and a “phony scandal” becomes not so phony after all.

“You Are Gonna Get Attacked. You Are Gonna Get Attacked in Benghazi.”


“They’re in the final planning stages of an attack on the American mission in Benghazi”?

Kerry says Libyans won’t Tolerate Thuggery, Libyan Thugs Disagree

John Kerry

There has never been a rule of law in Libya since his boss bombed the place.

Swedish Consulate Bombed in Benghazi


Just wait for the Swedish retaliation to begin

US Targets Al Qaeda Leaders in Somali and Libya, Ignores Benghazi Perps


Anas Al Liby had been living in Iran until last year when Obama overthrew the Libyan government