Attacks on U.S. Embassies Were Not About a Movie


The perils of pretending that acts of war are about a film.

Libyan Interior Minister “I Will Not Stop Islamist Violence”


The world was outraged over the Taliban’s destruction of the Buddhist statues. Where is the outrage at the fact that Obama used an illegal war to put the destroyers of Sufi shrines and their “moderate” collaborators into power in Libya?

Obama’s New Islamic World Order


Destroying allies, empowering Islamists.

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Obama’s Fourth War


After three disastrous failures, the president gears up for a Syrian misadventure.

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The Election Farce in Libya


A Gaddafist and the Muslim Brotherhood carry off a sham election.

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Libya’s Sharia Mandate


The only question is how much Islamic law, how soon.

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Syria: Following In Libya’s Footsteps?


Opposition leaders brawl at meeting in Cairo as unity looks futile.

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The Al Qaeda-Muslim Brotherhood Coalition


British spy chief warns of one of the most dangerous fruits of the Arab Spring.

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The Best Foreign Policy Saudi Money Can Buy


What makes Bahrain different than Libya or Syria?

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The Orwellian Atrocities Prevention Board, Part I


Why Obama really created the genocide monitoring committee.

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