NATO Hands Future of Libya to Islamists


U.S. “ally” Qatar helping to defeat the secularists.

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Meet Libya’s New Islamist Boss


Mutilating thieves, Islamic banking and polygamy are only the beginning.

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The Syrian Impasse


Why hopes for Syrian regime change are futile.

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A Good Progressive War


What opponents of the Iraq war think a good war looks like.

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Why Libya Is Headed Back to Tyranny


And what we should do.

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Daniel Pipes: You’re Gonna Miss Gadaffi


Middle East expert gives a dire warning about the future of Libya.

The Libyan Rebels’ Massacre


What the “humanitarian mission” really achieved.

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The Left’s Confused Reactions to Qaddafi’s Death


Is Obama an assassin or a foreign policy visionary?

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The Libyan Pandora’s Box


Where did the chemical weapons and surface-to-air missiles go?

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Gaddafi Dead — So What?

What a myopic view the Western media and its array of “experts” have concerning the so-called “Arab Spring” — a myopia that naturally metastasizes among the general public. Consider the Libyan crisis. As usual, the focus is entirely on the individual, on the tangible — the now dead Gaddafi — whom all the blame can […]