Syria: Following In Libya’s Footsteps?


Opposition leaders brawl at meeting in Cairo as unity looks futile.

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The Al Qaeda-Muslim Brotherhood Coalition


British spy chief warns of one of the most dangerous fruits of the Arab Spring.

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The Best Foreign Policy Saudi Money Can Buy


What makes Bahrain different than Libya or Syria?

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The Orwellian Atrocities Prevention Board, Part I


Why Obama really created the genocide monitoring committee.

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The Islamist Takeover Of Mali


Country loses control of its northern territory.

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Obama on Libya vs. Obama on Israel


If Iran were threatening France and Britain, would the president hesitate to support their right to self-preservation?

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Learning to Love Big Brotherhood


When will the cheerleaders of the Arab Spring acknowledge the darkness it has ushered in?

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Why Syria Will Not Be Another Libya


This isn’t a conflict between a dictator and his people like every media outlet is trying to present it to be.

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Ousting Assad


The Obama administration weighs its options on Syria.

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Libya: The New Al-Qaeda Stronghold


Courtesy of US taxpayers.

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