Libyan General Promises War on Jihadists, Arrest of Muslim Brotherhood Leaders

Khalifa Hifter

“We pledge not to abandon this mission until Libya is purged of terrorists.”

Gaddafi Didn’t Destroy Benghazi, but a Garbage Strike Might


The garbage is causing traffic jams where it blocking the roads.

Will a Rogue General Undo Obama’s Regime Change in Libya?

Khalifa Hifter

Say goodbye to the last of the Arab Spring.

Libya Detains UN Observer for “Sorcery” and “Black Magic”


Muslims in the US often complain about “witch hunts”.

State Department Admits Libya has Become a Terrorist Safe Haven


I wonder whose fault that was.

Al Qaeda Takes Over US Base in Libya


Al Qaeda isn’t on the run. Detroit is bankrupt.

The False Iraq-Crimea Analogy

on March 3, 2014 in Perevalne, Ukraine.

Who’s playbook is Putin really following?

John Kerry: Misguided Zealot


A review of the secretary of state’s history sheds light on his missteps today.

American Who Was “Libya’s Best Friend” Killed in Benghazi


The victim was jogging near the U.S. Consulate

Obama Inc. Wants Libyans to Come to US, Work in “Aviation Maintenance” and “Nuclear Fields”


I can’t think of a single possible thing that could go wrong with this plan.