Islamic Law Brings Floggings Back to Libya

libya flogging

Liberated Libya is free. 100 percent free to flog.

Obama’s New Libya


Coptic Christian tortured to death in the jihadi state Obama helped create.

Obama’s Libyan War Leads to War on Women in Libya


Women fear worse may yet to come. The country is soon to begin work drafting a new constitution, which activists fear will enshrine the relegation of women to second-class status, given the influence of hard-line Islamists.

Hatred of Christians Unleashed in Libya


Attacks on Benghazi consulate and religious minorities share a common cause in the Islamist state.

Mass Arrest and Torture of Christians in Libya


Obama-supported jihadists use allegations of “proselytizing” as a pretext to terrorize.

Death for Preaching Christ in ‘Liberated’ Libya

blood cross

Driving Christians into extinction.

Obama’s New Libyan Government Arrests 4 for Printing Books About Christianity

The Benghazi Catholic Cathedral. Another National Security threat in 100 Percent Muslim Libya.

“We are a 100 percent Muslim country and this kind of action affects our national security,” security official Hussein Bin Hmeid said.

Obama Akbar: Libyan Supreme Court Allows Men to Take Second Wives


Another Obama ally has won a crucial victory in the Islamic War on Women. Perhaps they can keep the extra wives in those binders of women that the Obamabots kept smirking about throughout the election.

UN Downplays Libyan Arms Transfers to Terrorists


Top official blurs the undeniable truth about deadly weapons now in the hands of jihadists.

What Really Happened in Benghazi: Before, During, and After


A comprehensive timeline and analysis of the events surrounding the terrorist attack against the U.S. mission.