Obama Akbar: Libyan Supreme Court Allows Men to Take Second Wives


Another Obama ally has won a crucial victory in the Islamic War on Women. Perhaps they can keep the extra wives in those binders of women that the Obamabots kept smirking about throughout the election.

UN Downplays Libyan Arms Transfers to Terrorists


Top official blurs the undeniable truth about deadly weapons now in the hands of jihadists.

What Really Happened in Benghazi: Before, During, and After


A comprehensive timeline and analysis of the events surrounding the terrorist attack against the U.S. mission.

North Africa Is the New Afghanistan


The real war is just beginning.

Muslim Brotherhood Using Benghazi as its Political Base


In parliament the party won only 17 out of 80 seats that were competed for under party labels. But of the other 120 seats, reserved for people running as independents, about 60 have since joined a Brotherly caucus.

Newly Liberated Libya Rejects Attack on Mali Islamists

Miss Me Yet Gaddafi

Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidan said Saturday that Libya rejects military attacks on Mali, calling for solving the Malian crisis through dialogue, the state TV reported.

Algeria in Jihadi Flames


A region awash in Libyan weapons explodes in al-Qaeda madness.

France Armed Libyan Islamists, Now Fighting Islamists Armed With Its Own Weapons


…the shipment included rifles, machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades, along with Milan anti-tank missiles.

Welcome to Africa’s Alqaedastan


Obama’s Libyan war breeds horror in Mali.

Senate Homeland Security Committee Benghazigate Report Blasts Obama, State Department for Covering Up Islamic Terrorism


One of the key lessons of this Committee’s six-year focus on the threat of violent Islamist extremism is that, in order to understand and counter the threat we face, we must clearly identify that threat.