Muslim Racism: Libyan Edition


One friend, who lived in Tripoli’s old city, begged me to help her get a visa to the U.S. “I can’t stand it here anymore. The abeed [“slaves” in Arabic] make the place stink.”

Libya and Tunisia Come Out Against Syrian Opposition


this is a blow to the Obama Administration’s efforts to set up a legitimized Syrian opposition council.

Libyan Weapons Flowing into Gaza, Thanks to Obama


According to a report in The Washington Post last year, large caches of weapons have flooded into Egypt from Libya, including surface-to-air missiles, rockets and anti-aircraft guns. The missiles are smuggled into Sinai and then into Gaza via networks of tunnels.

Deadly Statecraft in Libya


How the U.S. can avoid another Benghazi.

Why Libyan Guards Were Protecting an American Ambassador — on The Glazov Gang


The uncomfortable truths about the failure to send U.S. Marines to defend American diplomats in a volatile Muslim city.

Obama’s Wars Aren’t Over


Al Qaeda sees things much differently from the president.

Libya and Lies


The administration’s deception on the Benghazi attack is part of a larger pattern.

Media Abetting Obama’s Benghazi Lies


Definitions and timelines distract from the bigger, devastating picture.

The Real Difference Between Islamic ‘Extremists’ and ‘Moderates’


A field guide to the Arab Spring.

The Islamic Schoolyard-Bully and Obama’s America


Learning the lesson from the classic “schoolyard bully” paradigm.