Netanyahu Emerges Victorious


The Likud party overcomes the leftist opposition, the media — and the Obama administration.

Israel’s 2015 Election Prospects


Recent polls point to a right-of-center coalition government.

Netanyahu Springs his Trap

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends a Likud party meeting at the Knesset in Jerusalem

How the coalition government in Israel fell apart — and who will benefit in the next election.

Netanyahu Takes Heat from the Israeli Right


Could hostilities with Hamas mean serious political trouble for Israel’s prime minister?

Media vs. Pro-Israel Advocates


The more pro-Israel the figure, the more vicious the attack.

What’s Next for Israel?


Post-election factions must align to minimize damage from the Obama administration.

Young Israelis Increasingly Turning Right

israelis celebrate

Current polling shows that the conservative Likud (think Republicans or Tories) has the support of 16 percent of Israelis aged 18-34. Bayit Yehudi/Jewish Home (think third party conservative split, e.g. Tea Party/UKIP) is close behind with 15 percent. And the Labor Party, (think Democrats/Labour) is a distant third with nine percent.

Is Israel About to Have the Most Conservative Government in its History?


To understand what this means, imagine if the Tea Party ran as a third party and took 10 percent of Congress. That’s even bigger news in Israel where no single party has a dominant majority of seats.

Netanyahu’s Party Down by 23 Percent After Unpopular Ceasefire


A majority of Israelis opposed the fake ceasefire that Obama forced the country to accept. And the latest election polls show it. Netanyahu’s conservative Likud Party is down from 43 seats to 33 of the 120 Knesset (parliamentary) seats.

Israel’s Rightward Drift


Understanding the shift.

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