Here’s Your $40,000 EPA Chief Waterfall Portrait


Lisa Jackson was actually the embodiment of a nature spirit, who, when she was forced to quit after a fake email scandal, became transformed into a waterfall, and is now flowing somewhere in Virginia.

Disgraced EPA Chief Used Fake Name to Coordinate with Liberal Groups

New emails released show that Jackson used her fake “Richard Windsor” account to communicate with top liberal groups without them being aware of who she really was.

EPA Chief Steps Down After Secret Email Account is Exposed


The EPA says there is nothing to worry about. “We said three weeks ago that we welcome any investigation,” an agency spokesperson told Politico, promising to cooperate with the investigation.

The EPA’s Disturbing Human Experiments


Unhealthy people purposely exposed to what the agency defines as lethal amounts of toxic gas.

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Obama’s Enviro-Racketeering


Struggling job producers slapped with fines — for a green fuel that doesn’t exist.

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The Auto Industry Talks Some Sense into the Obama Administration


An agreement on car mileage rules can save money and jobs—thanks to industry.

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The Government Greenpeace


Lisa Jackson’s increasingly radical Environmental Protection Agency launches a new scheme to damage the economy.

The War on Coal


How a new regulatory scheme could undermine coal power and raise energy costs for Americans.

Politicizing Smog – by Rich Trzupek


The Obama administration’s new smog standards will mean higher costs for millions of Americans.