Obama Wishes Away Cuba’s Terrorism Sponsorship


The dark reality the president ignores.

Taking Cuba Off State Sponsor of Terrorism List


The Radical-in-Chief throws yet another life-line to a Stalinist and terrorist state.

10 Reasons the UAE Terrorist Group List Rises Above the Rest


And puts the United States to shame.

Bureaucracy Clouds Justice on Veterans Day


The red tape nightmare of firing those responsible for putting our nation’s heroes on death lists.

Organ Donation and Unnecessary Tragedy


Can the free market do better?

The FBI’s Most Wanted (Islamic) Terrorists List


The indisputable common denominator uniting almost every single mass killer of Americans.

Reading Horowitz


My short list.

Creating a Drug Crisis


How popular drug collection programs may serve the cause of environmental extremism.

Israel’s Latest Sin—Honoring Its Heritage


Palestinian bullying continues.

The Left’s Top 25 Journalists – The Daily Beast

Given that almost four times as many American journalists identify themselves as “liberal” than as “conservative” (thanks, Pew, for that little detail), our exercise in tagging the 25 most influential journalists who sit somewhere to the left of center on the political aisle was considerably more complex than the one last week in which we […]