IRS’s Lerner Targeted Conservative Non-Profits for Criminal Prosecution


It’s a free country. Until a few elections happen.

The IRS Scandal Blows Wide Open


Unearthed emails reveal Lois Lerner conspired with DOJ to criminally prosecute “political” groups.

IRS Official Who Targeted Tea Party Wanted to Work for Obama SuperPAC


She was working for Obama arguably as hard as they were.

Issa Report Slams Dem Collaboration with the IRS


How leftist lawmakers are helping the corrupt government agency evade justice.

Lois Lerner’s Lies and Cover-Up Revealed


A bombshell report pierces the veil of IRS persecution of conservatives.

Will Lois Lerner Be Held in Contempt?


Dems resort to diversions to distract from mounting evidence of corruption.

Obama’s Tax Thugs


When the IRS joined the Obama campaign.

Lois Lerner’s Office Created IRS Tea Party Bottleneck


The first time an IRS employee with 48 years of experiences sees this kind of intervention, it just happens to be targeting a populist opposition movement around election time.

Obama IRS Polithug: ”Promise Me You Will Never Run for Office Again, and We’ll Drop This Case.”


Lerner was, without question, politically motivated, and went so far as to make him an offer: ”Promise me you will never run for office again, and we’ll drop this case.”

IRS Targeting of Conservatives: Indisputably Political


Conservative groups have a fraction of the assets — and face immensely more auditing.