Rise of the Barbarians


America’s crisis of masculinity and its dangerous consequences.

LA School District Solves Scandal Problem by Deleting All Emails


The Lois Lerner solution to record transparency.

LA Wants to Give Democrats Free Stuff for Voting


“Maybe it’s $25,000 maybe it’s $50,000.”

LA Mayor Exemplifies America’s Decline


If nothing is holy, what can be profane?

Airport Security & Double Standards


At LAX, some head coverings are more equal than others.

LA School Superintendent/Apple Stockholder to Buy iPad for Every Student


Each iPad will cost $678 which is more than the retail price because it comes with special educational software.

LA’s Largest Teachers’ Union Endorses Racist Anti-Semite for City Council

ron gochez

In 2002, Ron Gochez published a Letter to the Editor, at SDSU’s Daily Aztec, entitled “The Jewish-owned media continue to blind the masses with propaganda to keep them in fear.”

Los Angeles’ Gay Mexican County Assessor to Continue Receiving $197,000 Salary in Jail

Assessor pleads not guilty to bribery, seeks to have bail reduced.

Antonovich said he personally believed that “Noguez has not abandoned his job by virtue of choice — he’s been incarcerated for allegations of corruption and until a court of law convicts him of a crime, he’s still the assessor of Los Angeles County.”

Would-Be Jihadists Arrested by Los Angeles FBI


“I’d cut all their throats if I ever had the chance.”

Exposing the 18th Street Gang

Len Bias dunking during his college basketball career

And how the Bush administration’s Secure Communities program has helped turn the tide.