Oops! Black Children Better Off with Married Parents

No serious person believes our “private” lives have no impact whatsoever on society at large. Furthermore, such a person does also not believe that the number of fatherless boys in jail is just a coincidence. To put it more dramatically: the West’s expressive divorce culture has destroyed more lives than the bombing of Hiroshima.
But more [...]

Ann Coulter Thinks Bill Clinton Is More Embarrassing Than Jimmy Carter

Really? Nobody is more embarrassing than Jimmy Carter.
On Sunday’s Geraldo at Large host Kimberly Guilfoyle tried to discuss Rush Limbaugh’s statements about Haiti with guests Ann Coulter and Kirsten Powers, but Coulter wanted to rant about Bill Clinton so badly that she chose to drag Jimmy Carter into it.
Ann Coulter completely disregarded Kimberly Guilfoyle’s question [...]

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