NewsReal Blog Book Club: David Swindle’s Distractions From Moving

What to do after a long day of moving arrangements and packing?
NRB’s managing editor, David Swindle, described what’s been on his reading agenda the past few weeks:
While flying out to Los Angeles last week to find our apartment I finished Howard Bloom’s first book, The Lucifer Principle. (I’d previously raved about Bloom’s newest book The [...]

NRB Book Club: The Genius of the Beast, an “Exhilarating Defense of Capitalism”

NRB’s managing editor David Swindle recently finished The Genius of the Beast: A Radical Re-Vision of Capitalism by Howard Bloom. He had this to say about it:
Genius of the Beast is an extraordinary defense of capitalism and the West. It combines science, history, literature, economics, current events, popular culture, and memoir to look at the [...]