Profiting from Adultery Is Tasteless (But Shouldn’t Be Illegal)

This piece initially criticized the clarity of David Forsmark’s piece Hawking Adultery. In acknowledgment of his revisions, I offer an updated response below.

David Forsmark’s response to my recent commentary about Maggie Gallagher’s war on homewreckers is dominated by straw man arguments,  distortions, and smears.
David begins by completely misrepresenting my views:
Adultery should be for fun AND [...]

Hawking Adultery

Adultery should be for fun AND profit, according to Jenn. Q. Public.
For a few, mostly unmarried, bloggers on this site, every proposal that marriage is and should be a legal contract with consequences, is a slippery slope toward theocracy and a direct attack on homosexuals.
This curiously aggressively defensive attitude generally takes an argument that either [...]

Maggie Gallagher’s War on Trollops

National Organization for Marriage president Maggie Gallagher has made a career out of protecting marriage from The Gay Menace. But now, another threat to marriage has captured her attention: homewrecking sluts.
These selfish hussies aren’t just enticing husbands into extramarital affairs, says Gallagher. Women like John Edwards‘ mistress Rielle Hunter are profiting off their homewrecking [...]