Israel’s Homicidal Peace Partner


The truth about Mahmoud Abbas.

2 Minute Video Explains Why Kerry’s Peace Deal is a Dead End


Hamas has some authority to form a government. Abbas has none.

Palestinian Chairman Honors Arch-Terrorist


“Moderate” Palestinians celebrate the killer of 125 Israelis.

Kerry’s Push to Release Palestinian Terrorists

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Amman meets US Secretary of State John Kerry

An offer Netanyahu must refuse.

Will Obama Confront Abbas on Palestinian Terror Surge?

What the president should say to the corrupt leadership in Ramallah.

The New Abbasids


The Israeli left finds a saint in Mahmoud Abbas.

Palestinian ‘Honor Killings’ Rising


Are human rights advocates finally taking notice?

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous


How the unelected tyrants of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas amass fortunes from foreign aid money.

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New Round of Palestinian Games


Will Netanyahu take the bait?

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Palestinian ‘Reconciliation’ a Blessing in Disguise?


Why the death of the “peace process” farce may benefit the Netanyahu government in dealing with Iran.

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