Peace Process Lies


How the Palestinians turned peace rejectionism into a science.

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Why Israel Cannot Accept Palestinian Conditions


Abbas threatens “new measures” if conditions aren’t met by Jan. 26th.

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Voices of Palestine: Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas small

Torchbearer of terrorist godfather Yasser Arafat’s bloody legacy.

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Palestinian Statehood Bid Deadlocked


One step closer to collapse.

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Palestinian Pressure at the UN


The campaign for instant statehood continues.

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Israel Defunds the Hamas-Palestinian Authority Alliance


Europe comes to the rescue.

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Fatah Mourns Bin Laden

al aqsa

And these are the people the world demands Israel embrace.

Hamas’ Sorrow for “Arab Holy Warrior”


What further evidence is needed to prove the genocidal core of the Palestinian cause?

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Terrorist Unity and the Push for Statehood


Why the accord between Hamas and Fatah now?

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Palestinian “Reconciliation” Won’t Last Long


Hamas’s thirst for power can never be quenched.

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