Ahmadinejad: “Raise the Flag of Martyrs Over the White House.”


This was Ahmadinejad’s first political comment after a long silence

So Long, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


A look back at the Iranian president’s legacy of fanaticism and Jew hatred.

Iranian Lobbyist Now Works for Organization that Oversees American Nuclear Weapons


Disney met with Ahmadinejad and wrote that, “I saw a man wholly convinced of the righteousness of his actions, not cynical in the least.”

Video: Understanding UN Bias Against Israel


Unveiling the false accusations.

Who’s Ready For Another Crazy Iranian Election?


Ahmadinejad has already threatened to cancel the election before it happens. As part of his non-election, which he may try to cancel, he has kicked off what he declares is a “Viva Spring”

Ahmadinejad Also Expects Obama to be More Flexible After the Election


Ahmadinejad said meetings over Iran’s nuclear program will result in “a very important decision” following the U.S. November election.

Obama, Like Carter, Will Not Act Against Iran


How the president is reviving the U.S.’s “paper tiger” image.

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The Venezuelan Missile Crisis


Iran’s carefully crafted alliance may prove useful sooner than later.

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Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and the Cyber Threat


The unholy alliance conspires to wage deadly cyber attacks on America.

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Iran’s Thugocracy Attacks Again


Murder in Dubai, a prelude to war?

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