Iranian Parliament’s Foreign Policy Spokesman Claims US Kidnapped Malaysian Plane


A conspiracy to “sabotage the relationship between Iran and China and Southeast Asia,”

Malaysian Jihadists Plotted Plane Hijacking Using Shoe Bomb

Malaysia Plane

The Malaysian plot was masterminded by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the architect of 9/11.

Muslim Malaysia Bans “Ultraman” so Kids Don’t Confuse Him with Allah


Ultraman fights monsters, while Allah’s followers fight all non-Muslims

Malaysia Threatens Time Magazine for Reporting Persecution of Non-Muslims


Time Magazine was urged to report on ‘more positive’ aspects of Najib Razak’s leadership

New York Times Censors Pig Photos to Avoid Offending Muslims


“If there is picture of nudes or like this we will cover. This is a Muslim country.”

Kerry Praises “Multi-Faith Model” of Muslim Country that Banned Bibles

Protesters hold banners during a march towards the foreign ministry in Cairo

Kerry’s ideal multi-faith model is a country that seized 20,000 Christian bibles and destroys a Hindu temple every 3 weeks.

Moderate Muslim Malaysia Training Teachers to Spot Gay Children

Muslim boy at a mosque in Kuala Lumpur

According to a handout issued at a recent seminar, Girls with lesbian tendencies have no affection for men and like to hang out and eat meals in the company of women

9/11 Sacrilege


Who is funding the mosque to be built at Ground Zero?

The Rise of the Ignoramus Jihadist


Islamic terrorists are not ignorant and poor, but neither are they truly educated.

Race and Resentment


How the Left’s attacks on achievement fuel racial hostility.