French Arrest Muslim Murderer of US Diplomat


Mohamed shot Bultemeier in the chest

“Under the Islamists, Blacks were Exploited Even More”: Ex-Slaves Speak Out About Muslim Rule

muslim slaves

“They told them, ‘We are with the Islamists. We are in power. We are the masters and you are our slaves. We will do what we want.’ ”

Arab Hypocrisy in Mali


But an opportunity is open for Israel.

What Comes Next in the Mali War?


Rapid attacks and campaigns of destruction, followed by equally rapid withdrawals may be an effective means of destroying Islamist ambitions by crushing them at their moment of victory, when they have overeached just enough to be truly vulnerable.

Mali Islamists Beat Little Girls, Forced 1-Year-Olds to Wear Burqas

Baby burka

“We don’t want the army to catch him. It’s the women who want to arrest him so that we can kill him ourselves.”

Islamic Jihadists Implemented Racist Sharia Law in Mali Targeting Blacks


“Those condemned to these harsh punishments were all black Malians – Sonrai, Peul, Bamba, and Della, traditionally the slaves of the Tuareg. The jihadis were a mixture of Malian Arabs and Tuaregs as well as many foreign jihadis.”

Islamophobic Women of Mali Celebrate French Liberation and End of Islamic Law


The women haven’t seen very much for a long time because the jihadis would not let them wear glasses. Hamchat Dicko, who has only one eye, said. “They didn’t want women to see the world.”

Mali’s Liberation From Islamist Colonial Occupation


France saves Malians from Sharia tyranny.

North Africa Is the New Afghanistan


The real war is just beginning.

Obama Refusing to Provide Support for France’s Fight Against Al Qaeda

french jets mali

France is increasingly upset by what it sees as limited Obama administration support for the war it is waging in Mali against al Qaeda militants, including an initial U.S. demand, since dropped, that Paris foot the bill for any Air Force transport flights, French officials said.