Jihadists Occupy Mali With Impunity


More Obama administration fecklessness in the face of Islamist expansion and savagery.

Mali Islamists Give Teenage Girls 100 Lashes for Talking to Boys


Islamist extremists controlling the city of Timbuktu publicly whipped six young people, residents say. The victims, males and females aged between 16 to 22, each received 100 lashes for having talked to each other on the city streets.

The Sound of Silence in Mali


A bloody Islamist quest to kill music in the West African country.

UN Security Council Targets Mali Islamists with New UN Resolution


The U.N. Security Council has passed a resolution clearing the way for the deployment of foreign troops to the troubled nation of Mali. The unanimous resolution gives West African nations 45 days to offer details of a plan for military intervention.

Mali Islamists Using Drugs and Prostitution to Buy Child Soldiers


“They are buying loyalty. They have tremendous resources to buy loyalty because they are now having kickbacks from narco-traffickers in the region,”

Mali’s Sharia Nightmare


Country descends into a land of unimaginable horrors.

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Mali: West Africa’s Afghanistan


Since the fall of Gadhafi, radical Islamists have been flocking to the new terrorist safe haven.

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The Islamist Takeover Of Mali


Country loses control of its northern territory.

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Muslim Europe – by Jamie Glazov


The secret plan to flood the EU with mass Muslim immigration.