Cliff Kincaid at Accuracy in Media Digs Deeper Into Hill’s Defense of Radical Fugitive

Taking our research here at NewsReal as his starting point, Cliff Kincaid at the AIM Report has investigated further into Marc Lamont Hill’s defense of Assata Shakur, the radical fugitive currently hiding from justice in communist Cuba.
Kincaid interviewed Hill:
Hill has been commenting on such topics as racial profiling, CIA torture photos, Mexican drug wars, and [...]

Marc Lamont Hill Becomes Bob Parks’ “Bonehead of the Day” at Black and Right

From the essential Bob Parks at Black and Right commenting on David Horowitz’s first post about Marc Lamont Hill:
I love my new television set. Watching Hill for more than 14 seconds makes me have violent thoughts that puts my flatscreen’s health in peril. For having Marc Lamont Hill on more than he deserves (token), Bill [...]

More Tweets From Marc

Marc Lamont Hill is at it again, posting twenty tweets on my reply. First the important one:
“Assata Shakur is an American hero & freedom fighter. I’ll always stand next to her.”
This says everything you need to know about Hill. He believes Communist terrorists — Shakur was a member of the “Black Liberation Army” — [...]

Fox’s Affirmative Action Baby Whines

Marc Lamont Hill has responded to my Newsreal post about The O’Reilly Factor’s decision to make him their black in residence and to provide him a whole segment recently to share with us his views of the crisis with Iran. I pointed out that Hill’s expertise, such as it is, is hip-hop culture — the [...]

The O’Reilly Factor’s Insult to Its Viewers Generally and to African Americans in Particular

I am a big fan of The O’Reilly Factor. I think O’Reilly has done heroic work in taking on the media left, in speaking up for the little guy, in pursuing sex offenders and corrupt judges and being a stand up guy on a whole host of issues. I watch him regularly and regard him [...]