Anti-Israel Groups to March In Israel Day Parade


Scandalous donations by parade organizers exposed.

Creator of ‘The Americans’ Funds the Anti-Bibi Campaign


The Obama State Department, Hollywood and Jew-haters join forces.

France’s Free Speech Farce


What exactly did the Paris rally stand for?

The Radical Left Unites With Iran in March on Jerusalem


Prominent Obama supporters endorse the invasion of Israel.

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Is Kim Jong-Il Fearful of an Uprising?


Mysterious sinking of South Korean vessel could be response to increasing unrest among North Korean citizens.

Herbert Daughtry

Herbert Daughtry

  Called the “People’s Pastor” for his long activist career, Herbert Daughtry in 1953 was convicted of armed robbery and assault charges. In prison, he had a religious conversion to Pentecostalism which led him to become a pastor in Brooklyn, New York. In 1980 Daughtry helped establish the National Black United Front, which helped organize the national campaign for reparations and has worked alongside the […]

Unrest for Iran’s “Festival of Fire”


The Iranian people challenge the regime yet again.

Iraq Election: A Defeat for Iran


Preliminary results show loss for pro-Iran forces and a triumph for secular democracy.

Tom Hanks’ Anti-American History


The Hollywood “historian” claims America fought the Japanese in WWII because they “were different.”

The China Dream


Beijing’s rise can no longer be ignored.