Rubio Admits Amnesty’s Obama Factor


It’s either an amnesty that Republicans can lay some claim to .. or Obama will unilaterally run his own amnesty.

Rubio Would Lose Latino Vote to Biden 60 to 28


Even after becoming the champion of amnesty, Marco Rubio would still decisively lose the Latino vote to Joe Biden

Rubio Can’t Cut It


What does Marco Rubio stand for? Anything you want him to.

Rubio to Conservatives: “Border Security Before Legalization” / Rubio to Hispanics: “Legalization Before Border Security”

So we’ve got a plan being sold in two different ways to two different groups. And those ways contradict each other

Immigration Control Union Sounds Alarm on Gang of 8 Bill

The Group Of Senators Dubbed The "Gang Of 8" Hold News Conference On Immigration Legislation

Why universal illegal immigrant approval is on the horizon.

Border Patrol Union Head Calls on Rubio to Leave Senate Amnesty Gang


Crane said the group’s plan would provide “amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens in the U.S. with no guaranteed commitment of ever providing for strengthened enforcement.”

No One Supports Amnesty, But Everyone Supports Amnesty


If McCain, Rubio, Paul etc want to sell us on amnesty, then they should be honest about it. Honesty will win them more points than all the euphemisms and word games.

Rubio Now Backing Away From “Enforcement First” on Illegal Alien Amnesty


“If you grant amnesty, as the governor proposes that we do, in any form, whether it’s back of the line or so forth, you will destroy any chance we will ever have of having a legal immigration system that works here in America.” Rubio 2009

How to Write About the Republican National Convention


A guide for the lazy mainstream media.

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Big Government vs. the Internet


Protests across the web have put a major dent in support for controversial government overreach.

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