Islamic Law: Girls Can Be Married Even ‘In The Cradle’


The difference between Sharia and common decency reaffirmed once again.

The Case of Mohammed and Aisha — on The Glazov Gang


Scholar of Islam Louis Lionheart dissects one of the most controversial chapters in the Islamic narrative.

Can Republicans Win in a Post-Family America?


The end of marriage will lead to big government.

Black People Duped


Why political power hasn’t solved black socioeconomic problems.

Who Needs the Family?


By killing the building block of society, the Left is killing its own future — and ours.

Obama Continues Radical Social Engineering of the Military


Same-sex domestic partners receive benefits at the expense of married heterosexual couples.

Media Lambastes DC Comics for Hiring Traditional Values Writer


The militant Left embarks on a crusade to destroy another dissenter.

Cultural Deviancy Is the Problem, Not Guns


The real driving force behind fire arms violence.

Campus Left Mobilizes Against Diversity Officer


Gallaudet University acts swiftly to punish woman who supports Maryland’s right to vote on same-sex marriage.

Muslim Persecution of Christians: July 2012


Around the world, victims of rape, abductions, forced marriages and sex slavery mount, while authorities do nothing.

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