Dem Presidential Candidate Abandoning Broken ObamaCare Exchange That Cost $125 Mil


That comes out to around $1,500 to $2,500 per attempted sign up

Campus Left Mobilizes Against Diversity Officer


Gallaudet University acts swiftly to punish woman who supports Maryland’s right to vote on same-sex marriage.

The Real Racists


The scary new polling data about black support for same-sex marriage.

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Romney Edges One Step Closer


Is Mitt finally poised to live up to his own hype?

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OWS Indoctrination Camp for High Schoolers


School now backpedalling on its controversial choice of summer programming.

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Matters of Life and Death


Two fathers’ memoirs show that grief has no political affiliation.

John Murtha dies at 77 –

Rep. John Murtha, a Vietnam veteran who became one of the most powerful members of the House serving four decades representing western Pennsylvania, has died at 77.Murtha was the longest serving member of the Pennsylvania delegation — a milestone he passed just this past Saturday. He had been hospitalized in recent weeks with a gall […]

Carrots for Khartoum – by Faith J. H. McDonnell


Now is not the time to reward Sudan’s repressive regime.