Massachusetts Dumps Health Exchange that Inspired ObamaCare, Politico Blames Romney


We don’t have media bias anymore. We have straight shameless propaganda.

Mass. Governor Replaces Boston Bombers’ Imam at Prayer Service

Massachusetts Governor Patrick speaks to reporters alongside FBI Special Agent in Charge in Boston DesLauriers in Boston

But only after the Patrick administration originally embraced the radical Islamist.

Massachusetts Governor Embraced Imam Who Called for Picking Up Sword and Gun


Terrorism no longer takes place in the shadows. It’s out there in the light.

How Kerry Used ObamaCare to Rip Off Hospitals in 49 States


“It’s a zero sum game. What Massachusetts gets comes from everybody else,” Don Berwick, Obama’s former Medicare chief, told the Boston Globe.

From Surf to Serfdom


What the plight of the Massachusetts fishing industry tells us about Big Government.

Faux Cherokee Elizabeth Warren’s Faux Law Practice


The Democratic Senate candidate’s past is catching up with her.

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First Amendment for Jihad?


The outrageous story of Tareq Mehanna.

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Warren’s Story Falls Apart

Claim of Cherokee ancestry is debunked.

The Day the Bake Sale Died


Protecting Americans from themselves.

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Dances With Warren


The leftist darling’s Cherokee heritage debacle imitates the worst of cliché Hollywood comedy.

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