Why is Kerry Pandering to Turkey?

John Kerry with flotilla terrorist's father

You can put this down to Kerry being Hanoi John again. Or the usual hostility to Israel. But there has been a notable uptick in the Turkey pandering lately.

John Kerry’s Pro-Terror Swiftboating


Our Secretary of State “feels the pain” of Turkish Muslim radicals who brutalized Israeli soldiers.

Kerry Compares Muslim Terrorists to Marathon Massacre Victims

martin richard-2

If you can spot the difference between the Turkish Jihad boat Mavi Marmara and the Boston Marathon, you know right from wrong better than John Kerry.

Top Turkish Jihad Boat Leader: “We Asked For It”

mavi marmara

One of the principle activists on the Mavi Marmara came out saying he wished the government had prevented them from trying to break Israel’s Gaza blockade in the first place.

Turkey’s Hypocrisy Over Gaza


Where is the international outrage over the 20-year blockade of Armenia?

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