Left-Wing Mondoweiss Editor Claims Israel Behind Passover Kansas City Shootings


One of its writers has claimed that Israel was behind September 11

Anti-Israel Leftist Cited by Anti-Semitic Killer Mocked Idea that American Jews are At Risk


It’s time to examine the link between Neo-Nazi groups and the left’s New Anti-Semitism

Kansas City Anti-Semitic Shooter Inspired by Leftist Anti-Israel Demagogue Max Blumenthal


It’s time for The Nation to take responsibility for promoting the culture of hate that led to the murders

Max Blumenthal Now Shilling for Putin


Blumenthal is clearly ready for a gig at RT.

Obama and Soros Funded Liberal Think Tank Promotes Destruction of Israel


“The book could have been published by the “Hamas Book of the Month Club”

Will Hillary Clinton Banish Anti-Israel Sidney Blumenthal?


“It has to be painful for any Jew to see your own kid going around insisting that Israel be destroyed and its Jewish population kicked out.”

Max Goes Mad Over Israel


The Nation teams up with the Hamas Book-of-the-Month club.

Israeli Demonization Week


Anti-Israel leftists take their annual hate-fest on tour.

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Shocker: Did You Know That People Actually Shell Out Their Hard-Earned Dollars To Listen To Helen Thomas’s Crazy Rants?

Leftist journalist Helen Thomas, who would never be confused with Helen of Troy, thinks all the Jews in Israel should pack up and move to Germany, Poland, and America.
“Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine,” Thomas said in an interview widely circulated on the Internet.
It’s long been known that the radical scribe was [...]

Pro-Terrorist Hack Max Blumenthal Tortures The Facts To Make Them Fit His Loony Conspiracy Theory

And so we hear again from the devious terrorist sympathizer Max Blumenthal, a soulless ultra-leftist propagandist who labors under the misapprehension that he is a journalist. When the truth doesn’t help him make his case, he changes the facts. His track record of inaccuracy tells you all you need to know about this creepy little miscreant.
And [...]