Russian Commies Celebrate May Day W/Stalin, Lenin, Gaddafi, Putin and Kim Jong Un


True to the Communist legacy, May Day marchers are underpaid with only 200 Rubles for an hour of marching. That’s around 6 running dog capitalist Yankee bucks.

May Day in Chicago: Gang of 8 Sen. Shares Stage with Illegals


Socialists, anarchists and open-borders advocates join hands with a man shaping immigration reform.

Obama’s Favorite Union and Biggest Funder


Shoulder to shoulder with hardcore Communist crusaders.

Occupy Activists’ Bomb Plot Foiled


Why the five would-be Cleveland terrorists are far from “fringe” elements of OWS.

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May Day Terror Begins


Bank workers first to come into the crosshairs.

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Occupy Wall Street: The Communist Movement Reborn


Find out the true agenda behind the Left’s May Day rage.