Chuck the Groundhog Smarter than Most New York City Voters


By then, the mayor had already been bitten.

Mayor Who Couldn’t Handle Snowstorm to be UN Global Warming Envoy


“I can’t think of a person better suited for this important new role,” John Kerry said.

7 Ways to Remember Mayor Bloomberg

Not photoshopped

Bloomberg, a liberal billionaire, bought the mayor’s office three times, in a failed effort to ban large sodas

Bloomberg Didn’t Just Put Money into New York, He Also Took it Out


The $650 million minimum estimate is undoubtedly low.

Katie Lied: Couric Downplays Results of Deceptive Poll on Immigration

Like most of America, I don’t catch the CBS Evening News all that often.  And while I remember that along with Bryant Gumbel, Katie Couric engaged in some vicious—but perky—partisanship while on “The Today Show,” I hadn’t realized that her news broadcast was merely Keith Olbermann with a professional journalistic sheen.
Monday night Katie lamented that [...]

The Future of Capitalism


Ira Stoll surveys the economic scene.

Très Chic, Newsweek: Tired Jabs Make For Shoddy Poetry

You’re really going to love this gem from Jerry Adler at Newsweek.  I mean, it’s just so special.
I can see them now, tightly huddled, reading it with bated breath, tittering, grabbing each other in fits and peals of delirious laughter, “OMG, no wayyyyy.  That’s so…bad!”  Real inventive, too.  Great idea ramming MSNBC talking points and [...]

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Harold Ford, Jr. For Senator- Not “Light-Skinned” Enough for Harry Reid?

Harold Ford Jr., a former congressman from Tennessee who has been a New York resident for the last three years, is giving serious thought to challenging junior New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand in this year’s Democratic primary.  Chuck Schumer, who engineered her appointment by Governor David Patterson to fill Hillary Clinton’s seat, is unhappy.  So [...]

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