The Knockout Game and Leftist Language Control


The Left’s desperate twisting of words takes another surreal turn.

Thinking About ‘Racism’


A word’s meaning, then and now.

How Politicians Con People Out of Their Money


Political frauds committed by redefining words.

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A Day to Remember


Memorial Day’s place in the national memory.

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Reconciling the Irreconcilable


David Horowitz’s “A Point in Time” takes on the foremost questions that once plagued Marcus Aurelius and Dostoevsky.

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NPR: Mass. Revolt and Obama’s Agenda

The January 20 broadcast of NPR’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook has a very obvious double meaning: Massachusetts Revolt and Mass Revolt.  NPR is soooooo clever.  Good to know that my tax dollars are not being wasted.
So, does NPR consider the election of ostensibly conservative Republican Scott Brown to the Senate seat owned (as in “bought and [...]

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