New York Times’ “Tragic” Homeless Family Gets $30K a Year

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The city spends $981 million a year on the homeless,

Don’t Blame the Lying Receipt Waitress; Blame the Media


The media long ago stopped reporting the news.

Media Photogs Discover They Can’t Compete with Propaganda

Barack Obama

The difference is that taxpayers pay for one form of propaganda

Twice as Many Americans Trust FOX News on ObamaCare… than Obama

Obamacare Individual Mandates Debated - Fox News Sunday - 11-3-13

MSNBC and CNN clock in at 3 percent each.

Liberal Media Swarms on Suzanne Somers After ObamaCare Article


“My 75-year-old Canadian girlfriend was denied treatment because she was too old. She died recently.”

When Fighting Liberal Messiahs, Hit Hard or Go Home

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Milquetoasts do not win elections

Republican Time Travel Blamed for Poor September Job Growth


Is there anything Republicans can’t do?

AP Reveals Horrific Government Shutdown of Underage Dough Mixers, Racial Slurs and Ghost Trains

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was not issuing right-to-sue letters, so people could not take discrimination cases into federal court

Lhota and de Blasio: A Tale of Two Scandals and Media Bias


The media has already selected its choice for mayor.

100,000’s Pro-Amnesty Rally Turns Out to be Only 5,000


Even worse news, most of those people showed up for the concert, not to hear Nancy Pelosi speak.