LA Times to No Longer Print Letters that Disagree with Global Warming


Pravda will no longer print any letters that say Putin sucks

Iran Denies Iranian Leader’s Holocaust Non-Denial


The media has a crush on Iran’s new leader and a raging case of hatred for Israel

Don’t Blame Millennials for Meghan McCain, Blame the Media

meghan mccain cap

Meghan McCain was the product of a media environment desperate for fake Republicans to bash Republicans

“Hillary of Arabia”: CBS Jumps into Hillarypalooza With their Own Hillary Series

Hillary of Arabia

Remember when we used to laugh at those Third World countries where every channel was showing a hagiography of the Beloved Leader?

Only 23 Percent of Americans have Confidence in the Media


Americans expressed the most confidence in the military, at 76 percent, and small businesses, at 65 percent.

Muslim Terrorists Use Media as Human Shields While Throwing Firebombs (VIDEO)


Welcome to Israel where the Media-Terrorist complex is doing its usual bang up job of encouraging terrorists while taking award winning photos.

2013 World Press Pro-Hamas Propaganda Photo of the Year Exposed as Fraud

fake gaza photo

Gaza is the Pallywood entertainment center where fauxtography thrives and anyone can make up their own Zionist War Machine photo

Is Islamic Terrorism a Motive?


If the Tsarnaevs were named Bob and Bill White and had playlists full of Neo-Nazi videos, the media would not spend the next month cautioning us not to jump to conclusions.

Media Still Wondering What Possible Motive Muslim Terrorists Could Have for Killing Americans


“Why would Chechen refugees harbor such anger against the United States that they’d want to carry out a terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon?” Politico asks.

The Media’s Double Standard on Jumping to Conclusions


There is a Saudi student in custody and being questioned. There is a search out for another foreign man with dark skin and an accent. 364 Ocean Avenue, the building searched by police, appears to have a sizable number of Muslim tenants.