Media Matters Supports Unionization… Just Not For its Employees


Media Matters for America is taking advantage of the Republican’s “anti-union” agenda

Media Matters’ Mission to Bury Benghazi


Left-wing propaganda mill twists CBS’s mistake to Obama’s advantage.

Media Matters Boss David Brock Calls Benghazi a “Hoax”

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“I think every step of the way she did the right thing.”

TruthRevolt Draws Fire


The Freedom Center’s counter-offensive to Media Matters hits its mark.

Al Sharpton, ‘PoliticsNation’ Advertisers Targeted in New Boycott


A new group bent on unmasking ‘leftists in the media’ has its first target.

Media Matters Calls for Gun Control, Carries Illegal Guns to Protect Its Founder


Gun control isn’t about banning guns, it’s about banning people who aren’t well-connected from having guns. If you’re a Wal-Mart shopper then you’re not supposed to have a gun. If you’re David Brock, then that’s a whole other story…

Media Matters: Obama Administration Mouthpiece


The Department of Justice and media “monitor” coordinate attacks against administration enemies.

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How Obama Destroys His Enemies


The latest strategy.

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Astro-Turf War: Media Matters After Limbaugh


Is the campaign targeting Rush’s advertisers driven by the leftist group’s funding desperation?

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Al Jazeera Joins Forces With Media Matters and ThinkProgress


A common hatred of Israel and America brings the propaganda outlets together.

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