David Brock: Media Matters Madman

David Brock, a former conservative, is the founder of the liberal media watchdog group Media Matters for America.

The broken mind behind the Soros smear machine.

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Obama’s Anti-Semitic Anchors


Holding the president accountable for his bigoted idea factory.

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Media Matters Exposed


A new report shows how the progressive propaganda machine pulls the strings of the left-wing media.

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The Left’s Politics of Paranoia


The liberal media and its allies see right-wing extremists everywhere.

Alterman on “Climate Change”: You are Too Stupid to Understand

After his years of association with MSNBC, following tenure at Rolling Stone & Mother Jones, it should come as no surprise that Eric Alterman would tweet and ostensibly believe this:
stupid people are defining what people know about global warming http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2010/04/ta040810.html
and thank God that we have professional progressives like Alterman and his pals at Media Matters [...]

Smearing Ralph Peters


Oppose citizenship for illegals and incur the Left’s wrath.

Remember when civil disobedience was cool?

Media Matters is now pretending to be outraged about Rush Limbaugh talking up “noncompliance with the health care reform legislation once it’s signed into law” for “the third time.”
Here’s Rush yesterday:
But I just can’t — I can’t — just don’t believe that here we are in 2010, and in three days the United States of [...]

Media Matters kids are experts on polar bears now


The George Soros Steno Pool, a.k.a. Media Matters, just won’t retire its tiresome “Limbaugh Wire,” feature, no matter how pathetic it gets.
Yesterday, they just kept hammering away at the now-debunked “global warming” thing, like a Newfie at a seal hunt:
Next, Rush turned the dittocam back on and held up a picture from the UK [...]

‘Colorful’ is right: the soft bigotry of Media Matters

You know who.
Kate Conway must really want to keep her job.
Conway is one of the three (count ‘em!) Media Matters staffers assigned to work the high steel listen to Rush Limbaugh every afternoon, duplicate his transcriptionist’s work, then make lame jokes about Rush’s lame jokes.
Here’s Conway’s take on a segment from Limbaugh’s show yesterday:
A dissenting [...]